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Disability Rights and Robotics: Being There without Being There 

This is our latest book chapter in the Research Handbook on Disability Policy published by Elgar. This book will be available in June 2023; you can preorder a copy for yourself or your university now. 

Savage, S and Curran, T. Disability Rights and Robotics: Being There without Being There (2023) In: Robinson S & Fisher KR (eds). Research Handbook on Disability Policy (2023) UK: Edward Elgar.

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Telepresence Teaching in Higher Education as a Reasonable Adjustment: Pilot Project Report 2022 

This is the report of the Telepresence Teaching in Higher Education as a Reasonable Adjustment project aimed to pilot the use of telepresence robots by an academic lecturer at home as a reasonable adjustment to teach students on-campus in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guidance for Accessible Online Public Event UWE .docx

Guidance for Accessible Online Public Events 

The aim of this guidance is to assist members of The University of the West of England (UWE) to make the online public events they hold accessible to all. This aim is informed by the Equality Act 2010 and the UWE Equality Policy which promotes a culture of inclusion. An overloaded online event is exhausting, excluding and discriminatory. 

This guidance has been produced in consultation with The Centre for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People, The UWE Hub Group members who bring their lived experience of disability, mental health and family caring, UWE learning technologists and the Disability Rights and Robotics co-production team of social science academics and students, some with their own direct experiences of disability. 

It covers the planning journey from first ideas, publicity, prior information, designing the event, managing access during the event, and evaluation. A case study is included to encourage all to try out the various access options available - being afraid to try is the greatest barrier to inclusivity

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Social Science in the City: Disability Rights and Robotics Co-Producing Futures for Disability History Month Online Public Event - 10th December

Our event included a telepresence robotic tour of the BRL, which you can access on this page below and the key points of our discussion which took place during our online Knowledge café which included 50+ attendees is summarised in our cartoon. 

To the left is a clickable link to open the PDF of our cartoon. 

Sam Chuch is the wonderful cartoonist

Sam Church's website (

Telepresence tour of the Assisted Living Studio at Bristol Robotics Lab

Video tour, 9th December 2020

You can download full transcript of this tour - By Professor Praminda Caleb-Solly, Alex Sleat and the rest of the Disability Rights and Robotics Project team. Brought to you in conjunction with the AHRC D4D project, Social Science in the City for Disability History Month. With thanks to Michael Gardner. Registered Sign Language Interpreter. NRCPD ID No: 1011700


Disability rights and robotics: Co-producing futures

Research report, 1st January 2020


Curran, Tillie; Savage, Sophie; Gibson, Andy; Clarke, Jackie; Morgan, Sheena; Edwards, Karon; Eldon, Kate; McCalla, Patricia; Caleb-Solly, Praminda; Alford, Chris; Meilton, Mary; Tutssel, Kate; Olding, Nathan; Thorman, Elani; Chappell, Francs; Hanley, Corrie; Jones, Leon; Couch, Carris; Lenehan, Jamie; Kuka, Angela; Halliwell, Rebecca; Sferrazzo Bernetti, Guilia; Vasudev, Akash; Kumar Kavvi, Pavan; Comandur, Kaushik. 


Knowledge Robo-Cafe 2020

Cartoon, 1st January 2020

We collaborated with cartoonist Sam Church to represent our Robo-Cafe event. Our intentions for doing this were, what was good about this was, what we got out of it was.


Church, Sam; Curran, Tillie.

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Reference list

Document, 10th January 2020

Here is a list of our commonly used references.