3rd February 2021. Psycho-Social Learning Community Workshop

The co-research team will be presenting a 30 minute presentation discussing how we worked together during the co-vid 19 lockdown and our transition from in person to online research asking ‘How can robotics technologies support disability rights?’

Monday 10th December 2020, free entry.

Disability Rights and Robotics: Co-producing futures

How can robotics technology support disability rights?

This is a UWE Bristol Social Science in the City event celebrating Disability History Month.
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3rd December 2020 - Collaborating with 10th Chippenham Cubs group

Presentation to 10th Chippenham Cubs group -

Thursday 3rd December Disability Rights and Robotics – making dreams come true?

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We were invited to the 10th Chippenham Cubs Group to talk about disability awareness and to explore how robotics technology might support disability rights together.

We would like to thank the cubs for sending in their drawings, and for taking part we learned a lot together.

Below is our script.

Hello! We are Tillie and Sophie we are researchers at the University of the West of England. Research is asking questions and finding things out to make knowledge. Today you are going to be researchers!

The question we are starting with is what are your hopes and dreams for the future?

In one of our projects we asked disabled young people the same question – and this is what they said – IMAYDIT link -

Were their dreams like yours?

Rights are about having dreams and being able to choose your future. Now it is is Disability History Month and the theme is Access.

Access is about making the choices accessible to all.

So we have talked about the future, disability rights and accessibility. You may already know about disability.

Now we are going to talk about robots

Can you draw a robot – what you think a robot looks like?

Here are some drawings made in one of our research projects!

Now we shall see some real robots in action – we showed a short film made by Praminda and Alex at the BRL with Pepper and Double.

How might these robots help your dreams come true? Draw your robot or one like Pepper or Double and show them helping you to achieve your dream

Now you have made knowledge! You know how a robot might help your dreams come true. Think about how robots might help disabled children achieve their dreams. More drawing!

To celebrate lets learn from the robots – lets dance –

To the left are the drawings from the Cub group demonstrating the knowledge we generated in the session.

October 21st 2020 - REACH Seminar

As a part of the REACH group external seminars sessions, our co-research team were invited to share about our project. Tillie, Sophie, Jackie and Karon spoke to a group of students, researchers and engineers working in the field of Robotics about our project and our approach beginning from a disability rights perspective.

Praminda informed attendees about our session saying the following

‘In our research we need to ensure that the voices of the people for whom we are developing our technology are included to inform and shape what we are designing, all the way throughout the process. However, sometimes we just end up doing superficial consultations, instead of adopting a truly inclusive human-centred approach. In their presentation, Tillie and Sophie will introduce the Disability Rights and Robotics co-production team with a focus on their creative approaches to co-production research. They will share key messages and invite seminar participants to apply these messages to their future research. Their talk will bring a social science perspective to our research in Robotics Engineering And Computing for Healthcare’

Our session led to an engaging discussion and further consultation about how to involve disabled people in robotics research.